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Australian Bank Account Opened

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Opened bank account with the Commonwealth Bank today. I now have a month to verify my identity with the Brisbane branch by January 4th. The wonders of being on-line.

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In-Laws Have Arrived!

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My parent in-laws arrived into Heathrow yesterday morning. Poor them, it's the day of the public strikes, with Heathrow affected quite badly. Oh dear, not a positive message to send to international travellers and businesses. Anyway, they arrived into Leeds at lunchtime, Lynette picked them up from the train station. Things are picking up :0)

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Interview with CITEC?

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Woke this morning to an e-mail from CITEC calling me to interview! They were asking if I am currently in the UK or in Australia. I'll look over the fact I told them in my application that I'm due to arrive into Australia on January 2nd. Anyway, here's hoping something will come of it.

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Job Hunting

The Search Continues.

Just submitted my 9th job application for the Queensland State Government. There comes a point where you feel as though you're repeating yourself & it feels I've reached it with my job applications! I've another 3 job applications with the public sector lined up for the next few days, so no rest for the wicked :0)

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Qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner

Now for the Australian Job Market.

I've officially passed my PRINCE2 practioner exam, which will enhance and future-proof my resume! Needless to say, I'm relieved I passed and did better than hoped for :0) Hopefully it will make me more competitive in the Australian job market too.

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Utility Account Closure Process Confirmed

Just spent the afternoon confirming with our utility suppliers what the process is to close our accounts when we leave. All rather straight forward and easy enough to do & can be spread out over the final month!

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Registered with Hays Recruitment

'Plan B' in Place.

Mindful of the fact our leave date is looming large on the horizon, I've registered with Hays Recruitment in the Brisbane area. Always good to have a 'Plan B' in case things don't work out. Thankfully, they have an Australian team based in their London office, soley for the purpose for people moving to Australia. The job market is buoyant, which is good to know, albeit quiet in the first couple weeks of January. To be expected, but encouraging that work can be found.

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Flight Booked from Sydney to Brisbane

Flight booked from Sydney to Brisbane with Virgin Blue. This means we can recover in Sydney and spend some time with friends before flying up and the fun begins.

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Shipping Decided!

We’ve decided the main shipping will be done by Pickfords & the shipping of a suitcase in advance – by air freight – will be done by Excess Baggage Removals. The latter will have important items, such as work/interview clothes, and also reduce the need to have things in our hold luggage when we fly out.

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Shipping Quote - Excess Baggage Removals

Quote received from Excess Baggage Removals. Total quote is £1900, excluding insurance (3% plus IPT).

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