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Shipping Quote - Pickfords

Shipping quote received from Pickfords. £18d xcluding insurance (3% plus IPT). It was roughly what I had in mind :-)

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Spousal Visa Timeline

Before my wife and I got married, we agreed that we would move to Australia within 2 years of getting married.  On November 11th 2010, the process started.

The spousal visa is relatively straightforward in that the applicant is sponsored by their partner and you can be either married or in a de facto relationship.  This is to cover heterosexual and homosexual relationships, and couples who do not necessarily believe in marriage.  Basically, It’s down to you to prove the relationship.  This is to ensure, from the Australian government point of view, it is genuine and enduring.  Once granted, my visa will be ‘temporary’ and therefore can’t gain access to aspects of the welfare system.  The Australian government then has 2 years to check out the person and make sure they keep their nose clean.  After 2 years, I can apply for a permanent visa and I will gain full access to the welfare system.  I also have 2 years to behave myself with Lynette.  One false move and she’s grassing me up to the authorities. You can submit the application either outside or inside Austraia, albeit they differ in what you need to do.


November 11 2010 – Certified Copy of Birth Certificates

Certified copies of our birth certificates ordered.

December 13th 2011  – Witness Statements &  Medical / Health Checks

We need to provide 2 statements from Australian friends confirming that our relationship is genuine and how it developed.  The DIAC are very precise in what they want and from whom.

Medical and health check appointment booked with doctor for January 4th 2011 at 10am.  My doctor will be Dr Million of the Drs Batley and Bisset surgery.  You can only go to a surgery approved by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizernship – often referred to as the DIAC.  This forms part of the visa application and is required.  Without this, the application will not be processed.

January 4th 2011 – Medical & Health Check Appointment

Amusing hearing how those in the medical profession gain information in an indirect manner.  The doctor finally got the answer needed to the more direct question of ‘how many tattoos’ do you have?’  I need to be tested for all hepatitis viruses.  Here’s hoping the studios were as clean as they claimed and stated.  At the end of having a chest X-Ray and my height, weight, blood and urine samples taken, Dr Millon stated that, if I do not here from him within the next 24 hrs, assume that I am healthy and ok.  My results will be sent to the Australian High Commission directly, where they will be attached to my application once lodged.

January 5th 2011 - No Response

No response from doctors.  Bugger, I’m normal.

January 13th 2011 – Police Check from Association of Chief Police Officers

Police check from Association of Chief Police Officers[/b]  reports no record or trace of me.  I’ve been a good boy.  I make up for it with tattoos.

February 18th - Certified copy of marriage certificate obtained

How difficult was it to be at the church office during opening hours?  Then again, they are there to serve the community and not me.  Perspective gained.

February 19th – Passport Photo Page to be Officially Confirmed by Professional

Part of the supporting documentation includes a photocopy of my passport photo-page.  This has to be signed by a professional such as a doctor and is used to confirm that I am who I say I am.

February 20th – Final Documentation and Posting

Application passed to Lynette’s boss, to submit to the Australian High Commission in London.  He’s needing to officially confirm in writing that 1)  she’s employed 2) how much she earns (why?) and 3) that she is who she says she is.  Hoops and jumping through.

February 25th 2011 – Application Fee Debited

Money debited from credit card.  The process, for me, feels as though it has now started.  Now it feels like a waiting game.  I want to get things organised now though.

March 10th 2011 – Please Explain?

Application fee credited to my credit card.  What the...?!  My application could not have been rejected as they would have kept the money.  It can’t be because of missing information – imagine if they had to do that every time information was missing from an application?!  I am going to have to wait until I get back to find out what’s going on.

March 17th 2011 – The Reasons Why

Oh, it’s because I was in Australia when the application was lodged.  That’s because there is a slightly different process one has to go through if applying inside Australia.  Technically true, but we were there for a couple weeks & had a return flight!  That was part of our supporting information. After much grumbling, the application has been resubmitted.

May 12th 2011 – All Quiet on the Processing Front

I should have been allocated a case officer by now – and notified - but I haven’t heard a thing.  Checked with the Australian High Commission, London and it transpires they sent me an e-mail on March 25th.  I missed answering question 71 – Have I lived outside my home country within the past 10 yrs.  Answer:  No.  Completed in less than 1 minute. & posted.  Apparently, the DIAC are within their rights to terminate the processing of an application if they do not hear from an applicant within 70 days of requesting information.  Today was day 69.  How lucky am I?

June 30th 2011 – Flights Booked.  A Risky Manouvre?

We have booked our one-way flight to Australia with Qantas. We’re leaving on December 31st from Heathrow, landing in Sydney on January 2nd 2012.  The [/u]Department of Immigration & Citizenship[/u] make a point of saying to not book flights or start the move process until they grant the visa.  Stating the obvious I know, but they have to cover their behind.

August 3rd 2011 – It’s Official

My visa has been granted.  I am now officially a ‘Sub-Class 309 Provisional Spouse’.  I received an e-mail while at work.  Lynette and my immediate family have been informed.  Suddenly, work no longer seems important.

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